Never Surrender, by Lindsay McKenna

Harlequin, July 2014


McKenna does it again, raising the bar of her Shadow Warriors series to a new high. This time, a lady warrior is captured and subjected to the unthinkable. Heroine Baylee-Ann Thorn’s cruel abuse, harrowing escape and long recovery, complicated by her near fatal head wound, lead the reader on a journey of highs and lows seldom found in romance fiction. Hero Gabe Griffin’s steadfast love is tested to the max, as he watches the woman he adores struggle with the aftermath of her ordeal. This story is at once troubling and triumphant as day by day the healing power of love brings Bay all the way home. My favorite of the series so far.

Other 2014 McKenna titles include Wolf Haven in the Jackson Hole series, three titles in the Shadow Warriors series, and her upcoming novels Touch the Heavens, and Coming Home for Christmas.


Petty Officer First Class Baylee-Ann Thorn, a Hospital Corpsman in a top-secret, experimental group of elite combat women, returns to Afghanistan for one last mission. She’s trained to function and fight as a highly skilled soldier, serving shoulder to shoulder with the best. On this mission, she is assigned to provide medical services and gather intel in a village located along the Taliban supply lines that snake though the mountains. Even though she’s warned about Taliban human traffickers in the area who are known to kidnap children from these villages, she’s caught off guard when a group of them suddenly rides up and begins grabbing children from their mothers near her medic post. Despite Bay’s valiant effort to defend the villagers, she’s out-numbered and is soon overcome and hauled away.

As a combat medic Bay is a valuable asset to her Taliban captors who order her to treat their wounded, and attend to the injured children. But Bay knows it won’t stop there. As a female, she’ll likely be sold or raped. Probably both. As tensions rise, time runs out for Bay and she’s viciously attacked. Now, her top priority becomes staying alive long enough to escape.

Bay’s Navy SEAL fiancé, Gabe Griffin, was reluctant to let Bay return to Afghanistan on this mission, alone, without him. He knows the dangers she’ll face. But this isn’t her first deployment. He’s seen her in action. He knows her combat and survival skills are first rate. Still, he’ll feel a whole lot better when she’s back home, safe and sound. All of that changes when he receives the dreaded call from Camp Bravo—Bay has been taken. Now, Gabe can’t get back to Afghanistan fast enough to find her before it’s too late.


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